Voluntary Work Placements

At ATASS we can completely understand how difficult it is to find work, or even to get in to work! So therefore we are able to offer placements for people who are looking for work. We work with many agencies to provide this service to people who are eager to look for work, to be able to give them a refreshed outlook on a new working life. Some of the partners that we have include the West London Job CentrePlus, and many other companies, to be able to provide this valuable service.

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We fully understand that getting back in to work is daunting to say the least, so therefore we actively promote and encourage people to reach their full potential, with having the option of even refreshing your IT skills, or even to boost your CV, we can sit down with you and discuss what it is that you are looking for in your field of expertise.

Potential (image)To enable us to help you reach your full potential we have a refined assessment to work out where your skills are, so that during your work placement, you enjoy and appreciate the time you have while at ATASS, we already have a proven track record, in the fact that we have had several people come through our doors as work placement volunteers who have gone on to achieve their ideal job, with the help of ATASS, be that through improving your key skills, or increasing your transferable skills,

Some of the advantages that comes from doing work experience placements are:

  • Developing a range of transferable skills.Work (Placement)
  • Enhance your CV.
  • Gain useful contacts for networking.
  • Explore possible career options and make a positive career choice.
  • Pursue your personal and development goals.
  • Make a good impression on a prospective future employer.


work placemnets (words.)Though of course this is a voluntary role, we may be able if the need arises to cover your the travel expenses, however the value of working in a vibrant enjoyable working environment, building up your working and transferable skills, will be a valuable priceless commodity.