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Sign Posting

SignPosting is where a client is merely directed to one or more appropriate suppliers according to their requirement. The JobCentre usually refers clients (foreign nationals) to Amber Training Advisory & Support Services, for those clients who want to learn English to enhance their chances of getting a job and to become naturalised within the UK. In the same manner we also have links with other businesses that can provide our clients with help in their related fields of business or studies....
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Our ethos here at Amber Training is as follows: We will build capacity with ATASS by offering one to one support to volunteer service users accessing the organisations services, represent the ATASS at a range of alliance, including the Local Strategic Partnership like Job Centre plus and other partners. We will provide specialised Advice and Advocacy support to newly accepted arrivals, Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME), and also provide advices in the area of employment law, Anti-Racial and Hate Crimes, Human Rights Immigration, Housing, Domestic Violence, Welfare and Benefits. We aims to provide holistic approach to support vulnerable “newly accepted” immigrants (those granted refugee and asylum status) and Non English speaking EU nationals into Hounslow to be able to integrate into their local communities We monitor and evaluate our projects and other, related projects to achieve the 3E’s that is, to be efficient, economic and effective. We...
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