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Preparation for Job Interviews

Amber Training Advisory and Support Services (ATASS) will help you to learn how to manage yourself in an interview, so that you can feel confident and listen carefully to what you are being asked, and be able to provide the best possible answer. You will also learn how to deal with questions or comments that are not clear to you. We will also help you think about the kind of technical questions you might be asked in interviews, so that you understand how to prepare yourself with the right kind of information. You will also undertake practise interviews to boost your confidence....
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Writing of CVs

Amber Training Advisory and Support Services (ATASS) helps and advises on the making of Curriculum Vitaes (CV's), CV's contain a summary of your academic and professional history, achievements and working career to date and we here to help you create a winning CV, showing your experience and transferable skills. Although some employers require you to fill out one of their own application forms, in this case, ATASS will help you to understand how to use your own CV and prepared information and be able to adapt it for the employers own application form....
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