ICT Club

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) is part of so many aspects of our daily lives and the key for much innovation, including significant health innovations like MRIs and environmental solutions like hybrid cars.

ICT covers all forms of computer and communications equipment and software used to create, design, store, transmit, interpret and manipulate information in its various formats. Personal computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, transport systems, televisions, and network technologies are just some examples of the diverse array of ICT tools.

Studies in ICT include many disciplines, such as mathematics, information systems, physics and design. The skills acquired in an ICT degree can be applied to everything from satellites to iPhone apps, from CT scanners to computer games.

While many people think of Information Technology when they think of ICT, Multimedia Design, Computer Systems Engineering and Software Engineering also lead to careers in ICT.

If you want to make a positive difference to the world, why wait to immerse yourself in the rewards of ICT?

At ATASS we realise that ICT plays a very important part in life therefore we have devised our own ICT Club, which runs on Tuesdays & Thursdays 10am – 12pm, where anybody (once they have registered) can come in with full access to the internet and be able to learn and develop there own ICT skills. As we are a registered UK Online Centre, we are able to offer very indepth beginner ITC advice and tuition. We are also a registered Go-On centre as well, therefore we have many options in which you are able to improve your ITC skills. We are also able to offer you a certification in ICT as Also being able to offer you the ability of once you have completed the On-line training course through the Go-On Online Basics bespoke programme. In which you will find out how to use the following aspects of ICT:

  • Using a Keyboard
  • Using a mouse
  • Using Email
  • Using Internet Safely
  • Using Online Searches
  • & Public Services

As you can see from the options above, everything is covered that you could possibly need to be able to use PC’s and computers as well as being able to use the Internet as well as being able to create your own Email address, as well as being able to communicate via email and even sending attachments through your email. Once you have completed all of these areas, you will be provided with a recognised ICT qualification, showing that you are now completely aware of all the basics of using a computer, therefore never being nervous of using a computer again.