Advisory & Support Clubs

Work/Job Club for improving employability and job prospects through Specialised JOb CLubBespoke assistance, this is achieved through using ideals such as perfecting Interview Techniques, improving and constantly updating your CV, improving body language etc, please click on the Work/Job Club link for more information on this club.

Bus&Ent-(own boss)Business & Enterprise Club for providing an introduction to starting and running your own business, as well as providing access to many areas of business solutions, such as Financial Management and Financial Planning & operations, presentation skills, general business advice, leadership training and many more areas, please click on the business & Enterprise Club link for more information on this club.

ICT Club for developing and improving IT and on-line internet skills, this is provided by a tutor who is on-hand at all times to provide assistance where necessary as well as ICT (internet)being able to provide bespoke training to even complete beginners being able to provide tuition to nearly all levels, from starting the PC, through to producing professional E-mails, as well as having the confidence and training to be able to browse the internet safely and securely. again please click on the ICT Club link for more information on this Club.

& last but not least the Citizenship Club, as you can imagine this is designed for people who are coming to the UK for citizenship of for Naturalisation, we are of course very aware that all the procedures involved in being able to apply for citizenship or for Naturalisation can be a very daunting task, so therefore we have devised this club to enable people to be able to apply for whichever status it is that is appropriate for them, we also offer IAG (information, Advice & Guidance) – on all of these subjects, so that no matter what the query is we are sure that we will be able to provide you with the information that you need to be able move on with your application successfully, as always if you would like more information on this particular Club, please click on the Citizenship Club link above, and it will take you directly to the page you require.citizenship (life test)